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A blog post about how we struggled was hard to write….even harder to post. Letting the world know how much we struggled and that we needed help was not easy. It took me a long time to get up enough courage to put that out there. What drove me to share was seeing all the other people at the Oprah show in March that were going through some of the same things. All these other woman were fighting everyday to make it. Fighting for their families, fighting to be heard, fighting to get a chance at a better life. In America we hear stories of people pulling themselves up by their boot straps all the time but we very rarely hear about all the times the bootstraps broke before they made it. Those are the times that we aren’t supposed to talk about. Those are the stories though that I will cherish. I will tell my grand kids about all of our grad-school craziness. Stories of all-nighters making capes together, the small fortune spent in overdraft charges, endless garage sales, and even times we had to rob our own kid’s piggy banks in the dark of night. We made it through all that. We worked hard and we never gave up and we made it through it.

All that led us to live over a hotel. Crazy right?

We had a job offer from SUNY Buffalo in February and my amazing husband had worked out in his job offer for us to get all cost covered trip to visit, moving expenses and half of his first summer stipend early. So, not only is he handsome he is a wicked good negotiator. Here was the catch we didn’t see coming though - that all came as a reimbursement. We are totally rookies. We had to front the cost and it would be given back to us in our first paycheck in September. That was 7 months away and on the budget we lived - impossible. We had all our Christmas money that we were given by our families saved in an envelope and that became our “go to Buffalo” fund. We would only be able to do one trip and we were taking the kids along. We had one shot to find a place to live, a place for Pip and Bean, and schools for the kids. We were going to rent and our options were limited since the apartment had to be in a school district where our oldest could get the reading help she needed and easy access to her tutor (she is dyslexic).

So, why rent? No bank will give us a house. After you foreclose on a house you have a record of that on your credit report for 7 years. Apparently that really scares off banks no matter how much your salary goes up. We started searching rental options but came up dry in the school district we wanted to settle in. The Mosey was the only apartments available in the district we needed.

Before you get all excited about living above a hotel here is what you should know – we live small. We went from 2,300sq feet house to 1,500sq feet apartment. That is right - my family of 5 is living in a 2 bedroom apartment. We gave up our back yard and grass all together. We got rid of absolutely everything except what we had to have to live so we could fit. We had the world’s largest garage sale - everything but our beds were up for grabs and we used the money to move. We live with a lot less stuff now to fit here and I am happy to say we are surviving just fine.

The Mosey took our future earnings, our references and met with us and where gracious enough to overlook the scary credit score and for that we are incredible grateful.

We are over one of the swankest hotels I have ever been in. Every room is gorgeous, there is a salt water pool, hot tub, work out facility, amazing restaurant, and coming this month a full day spa - all an elevator ride away. We have covered parking in our own resident’s parking garage. So while living in Buffalo I will never have to shovel or scrape snow!!! HELLLLLOOOOOOOO not freezing my face off and keeping my cute boots dry = WIN WIN!!! The Apartment is all brand new with every bell and whistle we have ever wanted and we enjoy all the perks of a hotel guest from daily trash pick up to room service.

We live in the village of Williamsville where you can walk to endless restaurants, shops, salons, bakeries, library, parks, and right next door there is a huge toy store and wine shop so the kids and I are all happy (these are two separate shops but how awesome would it be if they just combined so that I could drink while my kids spend far too long going up and down toy isles!) .

Pip and Bean is a short drive away and in its own space now that will open this fall for local retail and pick up. The kid’s school is within walking distance from our apartment. (Irish pub, Claytons toyland,  Island Park, Glenn falls, and the Pancake house-all walking distance from our apartment).

Best of all though is the hotel is an endless supply of entertainment. Just this week we had a famous rapper and his crew/entourage stay below us. Rumor has it that this is the hotel of the Buffalo Bills when they play at home so elevator rides this fall may have a weight limit on them. We have also learned that we moved in just a little bit after a famous Sabres player moved out. Although that is probably good since we have absolutely no hockey know-how at all.

The kids are learning to make friends with the staff just like in all those Disney sitcoms they even got a talking to from the hotel manger on the first day we moved in. She let all our kids know they were welcome and that their life could be just like Zack and Cody’s suite life except for one thing –No riding on her carts – We may have broken that rule already… one tell Patrice!

So there you have it. The story of how I came to live over a hotel. We will be paying student loans till our teeth fall out and our credit score makes people cringe but for now we are all healthy and happy and learning to love our new life at The Mosey**.

**To follow the goings on inside our very own Suite life look for the #themoseylife hashtag on instagram and facebook.



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